AGTC can also provide a wide range of hosted services, hosted in our secure Australian data centre, backed up regularly, and provisioned with corporate-grade resources and features. With AGTC’s hosted corporate mail, website and FTP hosting, and our remote server support and backup overwatch programs, AGTC takes care of business and lets you get on with business as usual.

Email Hosting

AGTC offers a corporate hosted email system that could yield significant savings to your business in terms of IT support no longer being required and license fees no longer needed whilst increasing the features available to you (for example, remote webmail, contacts and calendar syncing for mobile devices).  Our hosted email services are charged simply by the number of email accounts and storage capacity required.

Website Hosting

In today’s highly connected community, more and more business is transacted online and an internet presence is no longer a “nice to have” feature for businesses but a requirement. AGTC’s website hosting services take care of your website, ensuring excellent uptime and bandwidth giving you unparalleled value for money and quality of service.  Our website hosting servers are physically located in secure, access-controlled Australian facilities.

FTP Hosting

Being able to share large (or even small) amounts of data online securely is a key service many organizations can benefit from today. Although this can be achieved using some free-of-charge online services already, these are usually bandwidth or capacity limited (or both) and your data could be held in any physical location in any legal jurisdiction. As with all our hosted services, your data will only ever be held in Australia in high security environments and you will only ever be charged for what you use.

Online Backup

Backing-up your business critical data to off-site storage gives you the security of knowing that in the event of fire, theft or any other unexpected event, your business will have the ability to continue operating with minimal disruption. In addition to storing your data in our secure Australian facility, AGTC Consulting will periodically validate the integrity of your backup to give further peace of mind.

In-house & Tape Backups

As well as managing online back-ups, AGTC Consulting can also help you with your in-house back-ups including the configuration and on-going maintenance of disk and tape storage to give you redundancy in the event of system failure. We can also manage the logistics and physical storage of back-up devices in order to comply with off-site disaster recovery requirements.

Server Maintenance

For those organizations using in-house servers (PC, Mac, Linux etc) AGTC Consulting can take care of all periodic OS patching, Anti-Virus and Malware updates necessary to keep your business running smoothly. In addition, we can also manage updates to your critical applications ensuring that patches are applied as soon as possible to keep your business processes running smoothly. We continue to offer on-site and remote support for server & desktop machines to our clients in addition.