Software Development

AGTC collaborates with customers seeking solutions to remain competitive in a technology driven environment. By creating and maintaining a reliable, scalable and flexible network infrastructure, AGTC gives its customers the opportunity to not only keep current business operations running efficiently, but also gives them freedom to position themselves for future challenges.

We can work with you to deliver software and online deployments to meet your individualised goals, whether you’re an SME or an enterprise client: we can tailor, deploy and support integrated e-commerce and Content Management System solutions, provide systems integration/software consultancy and testing expertise, develop custom apps for iOS and Android, and design .NET and MySQL/PHP deployments (such as inventory management and database reporting tools).

Our design team is well experienced to assess, plan, design and implement the infrastructure and support services as required by the customer. Our services also include B2B and B2C solutions for your business website. Our programmers have a vast amount of experience in customising phpBB, osCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, search engine systems, internet portals, server-side applications, eCommerce systems, and much more!

These consulting services are based on a proven approach, utilizing the latest tools and techniques, which result in a best practices solution. When accurately implemented, this solution can help reduce risk, accelerate implementation time, and lower overall project cost.

AGTC can develop softwares that are tailor-made to suit the exact needs of a business.

If you are a company having business operations that are widely distributed or highly competitive and if you have too many business features to be included, then custom software development is the best way to stay competitive and achieve high rate of success.

We help you embrace new technologies and keep you ahead of your competitors.

It helps you to focus on the primary business operations.